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living with the disorder

It doesn’t define me as a person, it makes me feel like me. I’m so much more than just an individual with bipolar disorder.  My days are long and sometimes hard to deal with; however, I wake up every morning thanking god for another day.  Some days I get upset that I have to take medication, other days I am at ease with it.  I’ve done much research and I am okay with this disorder.  Yes, of course at first I was so angry, I didn’t want to accept the diagnosis.  I have come along way from all that.  I truly am just thankful for my family and friends.  I feel without them I wouldn’t have gotten to the stage that I am right now.  I also owe god for saving my life, gave me another chance at life, truly is a spiritual awakening.  Everyday is a struggle but I know I have god on my side and I have my amazing boyfriend, family, and friends beside me as well.

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