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I’ve been feeling like my best friend is avoiding me. Maybe I can be totally wrong and she has a bunch of things going on in her life. But still it doesn’t take that much time out of the day to say hello. I’ve tried and I feel like I’m just bugging so why even bother. I’m not sure anymore maybe the relationship we once shared is lost and gone ever since my whole situation happened. I guess ill just have to wait and see what happens now. I’m kinda done trying. If she wants to contact me she knows how.

living with the disorder

It doesn’t define me as a person, it makes me feel like me. I’m so much more than just an individual with bipolar disorder.  My days are long and sometimes hard to deal with; however, I wake up every morning thanking god for another day.  Some days I get upset that I have to take medication, other days I am at ease with it.  I’ve done much research and I am okay with this disorder.  Yes, of course at first I was so angry, I didn’t want to accept the diagnosis.  I have come along way from all that.  I truly am just thankful for my family and friends.  I feel without them I wouldn’t have gotten to the stage that I am right now.  I also owe god for saving my life, gave me another chance at life, truly is a spiritual awakening.  Everyday is a struggle but I know I have god on my side and I have my amazing boyfriend, family, and friends beside me as well.

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